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About Face 2009

As part of About FACE 09 Megan attended the UAICC (Congress) National Conference in Perth, Western Australia and spent time with the Congress community at Port Augusta, South Australia….

About FACE, for me, was like a coming home experience – like a warm welcome into God’s house. I learnt so much about God’s grace through the heart, soul, and spirit that seemed to flow humbly through Congress – a group dedicated to the culture and people from their past; a group committed to being and becoming active participants in their future.

The kindness I encountered from young and old Congress members was truly humbling.The things that were hard to hear provided motivation to work for justice for Indigenous Australians – and for all those who are marginalised by the current world order.

A Maori couple who work with Congress, Aunty Dawn and Uncle Joe Matthews, took care of me and my three placement buddies during the time we spent in Port Augusta, South Australia. Aunty Dawn and Uncle Joe seem to average about 14 people at their house at any given time. From biological children to adopted Aboriginal kids, to friends and family, friends of family and family of friends, their big house was packed to the brim; packed not just with people but with energy, life and food. Not a dull (or hungry!) moment at the Matthew’s!

During every step of my About FACE experience I felt ‘at home’ surrounded by so much warmth, so many laughs – and such deep faith. The briefing, placement, and debriefing were all rich experiences – by the end of it all my heart felt like it was full to overflowing.

My prayer for the people of Port Augusta, and all the beautiful people I met on AboutFACE, remains simply: “Thy Kingdom come.”