Meet the previous participants.


About Face 2004

About FACE was an exciting time for me. Slightly scary because I was told I was going to my placement with two people who had been best friends since they were babies! Thankfully the organizers knew exactly what they were doing and those people are now my best friends, like sisters!

We drove off to Tingha, NSW. We drove all the way not knowing what to expect. We arrived late at night and met our family for the next few weeks.

From watching DVD’s with our host family to fishing in roasting hot weather for hours on end. From hearing real stories and sharing in them, singing, hanging out, eating massive amounts of hot chips… It was an experience I’ll never forget.

All I can say is, whatever you expect About FACE to be, it won’t be. It will be even better and even more emotionally challenging and amazing than you can ever imagine.

Apply for it only with an open mind and open heart and you won’t regret it.