Promo Resources

Promotional postcards for the 2018 About FACE program have been circulated to each Synod, but there are more available for use in Congregations, Presbyteries, Social Justice Groups etc.   To bulk copies of the postcards, please email and we’ll happily mail them out to you.   An example of the postcard can be found here:  Postcard

There is also an A3 poster which can be downloaded here:  A3 Poster


You can also show the video clips which are part of our About FACE website in your own communities – you can download the ones on the website or you can watch them from online.


After July 2018, if you would like copies of the application kit sent out to you, please contact Jill in the About FACE office via or by calling (03) 9251 5266.


The best way you can keep in touch with the 2018 program is by signing up to receive regular About FACE updates.  To do that, simply fill in the form on the right-hand side of the pages on this website by entering your name, email address and state and you’ll be automatically added to the mailing list.