Information for Applicants

There are some very vital pieces of information that you need to read and deadlines that you need to adhere to in preparation for applying to be part of the 2018 About FACE program:


The Information for Applicants – 2018 details the six About FACE 2018 phases; costs of the About FACE program; our refund policy and information about who is organising About FACE 2018.


The 2018 Application Form needs to be filled out and returned (either by email or mail) to the About FACE office by Friday 9th September, 2017 for early-bird applications or by Friday 13th October, 2017 for full-fee applications.   You can type straight into the form if you use this Microsoft Word edition of the form here: 2018 Application Form.


Each About FACE application needs to have two written referee reports.  For those referees that prefer to type straight into forms, there is a word version of the 2018 Referees Form that can be used this PDF version is also available here – 2018 Referees Form.   The Referee Forms need to come directly back to the About FACE Office.


Key deadlines for the 2018 program to keep in mind are:

  • About FACE applications open – Monday 24th July, 2017
  • Early-bird applications close – Friday 8th September, 2017
  • Full-fee applications close – Friday 13th October, 2017
  • Referee reports due – Friday 8th September (early-bird) and Friday 13th October (full-fee applications)
  • Synod interviews held – between Monday 11th October and Friday 15th October, 2017
  • Successful applicants notified – by Monday 22nd October, 2017 (at the very latest!)